What is Assignmentto?

Assignmentto is a freelance marketplace particularly for students who wish to get their assignments job done easily and economically, managed by other freelance students. The idea has been influenced from the business in stone age, where people sold or bought stuff using barter system.

Buying Services

You can review the sellers’ rating before ordering a gig or ping them in a personal chat and ask them to offer something custom that hasn’t been mentioned, once the order has been submitted they are supposed to deliver it on time otherwise there payment will not issued hence Assignmentto as a builtin Escrow service.

Assignmentto helps users quickly find reliable sellers to get things done with a 3-steps flow process: Browse – Buy – Done. We are also passionate about helping you reach your goals so that you can move on to more purposeful work. The website is very easy to browse, with a support system of the admin where you can manage dispute for the seller because we care for our students.  

Selling Services

If you’re a student or a graduate and want to work part time and earn some extra bucks for your skills, sign-up for an account at Assignmentto and click on “Post a mJob”.

The page would require all the important details regarding the service you’ll be providing. As soon as you are done with the details submit the page and your mJob will be submitted for review and will be available on the platform shortly.

Promote your gig in your friends and share it on social media.

Our Mission

  1. Host only quality mJobs sellers.
  2. Devising an affordable medium of assignment outsource.
  3. Manage Escrow payment service.

Hence our mission involves, making this platform as transparent and useful  for students as possible.

Major Emphasis

Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it. At Assignmentto, each assignment, large or small, there are sellers who could manage almost all sorts of assignment jobs.

Before any project is delivered, the quality controller will review the project and will ensure the project conforms to all agreed standards. In addition, if you’re not satisfied with the service of a sellers just contact us and we’ll try to make sure to solve the issue as early as possible.

Taha Nadeem – CEO Assignmentto